Pretty Packaging!

Everyone loves getting mail. Especially beautiful, well packaged mail. Most cosmetics come in pretty, fancy boxes which are then sent in lovely, decorated mailers. I won’t lie. I, too, am a sucker for pretty things. My MAC brush set that I was given for Christmas came in a tasteful box that I loved. However, one of my favorites has to be Amy’s packaging for her new line, Sugarpill. The boxes these products come in are miniature works of art. Unfortunately, I have no use for the empty box and it would look a little strange if I stuck it on my wall. Therefore, it ends up in the trash. How can you throw something like this away?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What good is all the beautiful packaging if it ends up in your junk drawer or the trash? It eventually ends up adding to those huge, unsightly landfills that pop up all over the place. I love giving my customers nice things but I can’t justify contributing to the amount of unrecycled trash we just dig a hole and bury. I want my company to be more environmentally aware and conservative. I’ve taken to cutting down on the amount of paper products I use. I would rather write things out by hand, giving my products a personal touch, then slapping more paper on it for the landfill. I want to take the time to personalize every order, so that my customers know that they mean something to me. They’re not just dollar signs and I can let them know this, and save my planet at the same time.
I urge you all to recycle everything you can. If not for yourself, then for the people of tomorrow. Your friends, family, children. Everyone who will be effected by the actions that we take today. is an excellent place to find information about recycling, including local centers. You may be just one person, but one person can change the world, a little at a time!

About Tina Zabriskie

Licensed cosmetologist and aspiring makeup artist.

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