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Hello again everyone!

I’m going to make a short post today. Things have been busy lately & I’m trying to catch up to them. I didn’t have a chance to work on my blog posts over the weekend, like I usually do. Instead, I’m just going to tell everyone what to expect from this blog and myself. I’ve been working on a blogging plan so that I can stay organized and make more meaningful posts. I want to write content that people are interested in reading.

This is the outline I’ll be following:

  • Monday – About me (some about excerpt, etc)
  • Tuesday -Tutorial
  • Wednesday – Weekly news, ad campaigns, etc
  • Thursday – Textless, audio or video feature
  • Friday –Feature (Items, Bloggers, Etsy shop owners, etc.)
There won’t be any posts on the weekends. I’ve found that it’s harder for me to make them, and they don’t seem to be read as much as posts during the week. Also, it gives me time to work on tutorials, features, and other content. I just hope everyone enjoys reading as much and I enjoy writing. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

About Tina Zabriskie

Licensed cosmetologist and aspiring makeup artist.

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  1. Hey, its me, Kari. I like how you are updating your blog. I can keep up with things without FB.I deactived my account temporarily. I'll be back on sometime though.

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