Tutorial Tuesday: My Beautiful Zombie

While I was working on the feature for Absinthe, I decided to go ahead & make the tutorial as well. I already had a little bit of an idea in my head from Wendi, and her makeup zombie challenge. Now, here’s what you’ll need:

Dark Heart Designs colors:

  • Absinthe Shadow
  • Paparazzi Shadow

Other makeup I used:

  • Mary Kay Foundation 
  • Blush (A trial type of my own)
  • Avon Eyeliner
  • Avon Mascara
  • Morgana Cryptoria Turquoise Lip Stick
  • Covergirl dark brown shadow to shade brows (this should match your brow color)


  • Urban Decay Potion Primer for setting eye shadow

The look:

1. Start by applying a light facial moisturizer, and then apply your foundation, blush, and whatever else you use personally. I do my brows before my eye shadow. To do this I fill them in with a small brush and a shade of eye shadow that matches my brows. If you’re going to apply eye shadow primer, you’ll want to do it now.

2. Apply Absinthe on the lid & brow bone, blending with Paparazzi as you go towards the brow. Finish your eyes off with eyeliner and mascara.

3. To do the cheeks in this look, get a small amount of Absinthe on a blush brush, and continue to add and blend until you have a green tint.

4. Finish the look off by using a dark blue/green lipstick, such as Morgana’s Turquoise. I also applied Absinthe over the top of my lipstick and blended it in.

I hope you enjoyed this look. It’s a little unusual, but a lot of fun to play around with.Until next time!



About Tina Zabriskie

Licensed cosmetologist and aspiring makeup artist.

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  1. Love the lips, WOW! This is awesome!

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