Color Spotlight: Carnival Queen

Carnival Queen is a bright, sparkly yellow.


Carnival Queen was inspired by my life in the carnival industry. My family has traveled with the carnivals for five generations. My parents had rides, games, an exotic animal show, and 4 arcades.

In my photo below, I used Carnival Queen

over Urban Decay Potion Primer & Pixie Epoxy Primer:


Why yes…I do have a tree growing out of my head. I totally missed that when I was taking the pics, but it looks too funny not to post.


If you don’t know what Pixie Epoxy is, or how to use it, I seriously recommend you watch this video:

Thanks for reading!




About Dark Heart Designs

I make loose eye shadows, pressed eye shadows, lip slicks (lip gloss), and more. I also love writing, crafting and animals. I paint my own furniture, make my own curtains, decorations, clothing, and costumes. I'm currently living in South Georgia, but I’ve been all over the east coast since I grew up in the carnival industry. When you’re on the other end of the carnival, selling bright pink cotton candy, rainbow sno kones, and those lovely, red candy apples, you realize that on the midway, it’s all about how bright and flashy you can be. I think that’s what brought about my love of bright colors and dark contrasts. There’s nothing in this world like a carnival at night. My mission is to make beautiful, affordable cosmetics, and help people along the way. Dark Heart Designs is more than just a cosmetics company. I want it to be a resource, an inspiration, and a brand that makes you feel like you're a part of something. Make up is just the beginning.

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