5 Beauty Blog Posts You Must Read

I’ve managed to come across a few really good, useful posts while browsing around the beauty blog community. Now I want to take a minute to share those with you, and tell you why I think you need to read them.

5. Diva Digest: Custom Formula or Repacked Mica?


This short post by Lorraine of LA Minerals is an easy way to educate yourself on how to sniff out repackaging (which is taking wholesale mica, putting it into smaller containers, and reselling it at a higher price). While I think people sometimes get carried away, starting witch hunts for innocent businesses, it’s good to know a little bit about the issue, and how to avoid it. If you’re not sure about a cosmetic company, trying asking them first. The company can probably give your mind some ease before buying, or samples to help you decide.

4. The Eyes Have It All: Finding Your Skin Undertones

Image1 (2)

In this post from Amanda, The Snarky Princess, she highlights information from Essential Daily Spa on how to find your skin undertones. If you were like me, you have no idea what they are. This post tells you a simple way to determine what color, if any, undertones you have. Learning what your undertones are will help you pick out your foundation, and other make up colors that will compliment your tones.

3. The Painted Mask: Makeup Safety-Eye/Lip Safe Product Usage


Nolie of The Painted Mask talks about product safety usage in her post, and how to be smart about it. You should really be aware of what you’re wearing, and if you’re wearing it in an area that it’s approved for. If you still want to try something that’s not approved, this post has some tips on how to be a little smarter about trying out products (could be applied to trying products from a company you’ve never purchased from too).

2. Lipsticks and Lightsabers: Brush Basics


If you’ve ever wondered what that funky shaped brush you’ve seen in the makeup section is for, Anastasia of Lipsticks and Lightsabers can tell you. Her post on brushes is extremely extensive and detailed. She tells you which brush does what, why she uses that brush, examples of that particular style, and where to find dupes (cheaper products that are essentially the same). I highly recommend reading if you’re confused about brushes, or if you just want to see some alternatives to popular styles.

1. Beauty’s Bad Habit: My Favourite…Eyeshadow Bases & Primers


What is eye shadow primer? Lily of Beauty’s Bad Habit answers that question in her post. She explains primers, bases, and gel bases. There are plenty of photos, and explanations of what each does, and their effect on the eye shadow when you use them. She also lists prices, and where to purchase each product.

I hope you enjoy the resources and take a moment to read over these wonderful posts!




About Tina Zabriskie

Licensed cosmetologist and aspiring makeup artist.

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