Alternative Pop Art Contest


This contest is inspired by Carissa Rose Art.

You can find her Facebook page here & her shop here
Entries will be posted on the Dark Heart Designs fanpage here & pinterest page here


Deadline Extended!

Contest will start 11/01/12 and end on 02/30/13 at 12:00 am EST. Winners will be announced no later than 03/09/13.


The grand prize winner will receive one full size set of our new Horror Story Halloween duochrome sparkle collection based on American Horror Story, which includes 6 eye shadow shades and 2 Lip Slicks gloss shades and a signed set of 3 8×10 prints of their choice from Carissa’s etsy store. The runner up will receive a sample set of the Horror Story collection and a signed 8×10 print from Carissa’s etsy store, and if we have enough entries, we’ll also have a fan’s choice award for everyone’s favorite.


To enter this contest, you must browse Carissa Rose’s gallery or shop, and find an image to base your look on. I’m looking for character as well as makeup. Please try to recreate the art as closely as possible. I can understand if you can’t get all the paint spots, but I’d like you to be inspired by the color and subject matter. The more complete your entry, the higher points you will receive. Entries of all levels will be accepted.


-This contest is open to all participants.
-You must be 18 years of age, or have your parents permission to enter.
-Your photo must say Dark Heart & Carissa Rose Art somewhere on yourself or on a sign.
-When submitting, please let me know which art piece inspired you so we can compare
-You may enter as many times as you like, but you may only win one prize.
-Do not create another account to enter.
-We reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason that we see fit.
-Do not post hate comments.
-Do not alter your makeup in photoshop or any other photo editing software.
(Watermarks & blemish removal are acceptable)
-Disregard for any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification.
-Any negative comments will be deleted. If you don’t have anything nice to say, try to say it in a nice way, or just don’t say it at all.

Entries can be submitted by attaching your photos to a Facebook fanpage message, or emailing them to

Winners of first and grand prizes will be picked by a panel of judges, including Carissa Rose, and the fan favorite will be voted upon by the public. You will be judged on how well your entry fits the theme, your creativity, and character execution.

This contest is not endorsed, or associated with Deviantart, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, or WordPress.


About Tina Zabriskie

Licensed cosmetologist and aspiring makeup artist.

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