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Dark Heart Designs Makeup Review

Lovely review from Everysensory!

everysensory and Star Kin

I bought some makeup from a new-to-me Indie makeup creator (website pointed out by Estelle of Serenity blog, check out her swatches, they’re amazing!). Tina from Dark Heart was having an amazing pre-Christmas sale, so I went and bought a few things, and they’ve arrived today (very quick, all considering postal holidays and transit distance to NZ!) Here are my quick and nasty swatches, over bare skin and Dark Heart eyeshadow primer.

Dark Hearts 1

Left to Right – Glinda. Peachy pink with a really pretty shimmer.

Deal:  Looks grey brown in the jar, but has a really awesome coppery shimmer, can’t wait to try this one on my eyes 😀

Eva: Smaller swatch because I got a mini of this, but it’s a nice purple grey.

And the goopy looking gold shimmer is something different, totally, to your normal powder eyeshadow. It’s called Centaur’s Wisdom, and it’s a liquid shimmer. With an…

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Talia’s Angelversary


This collage is of our Just Keep Swimming: A Talia Inspired collection. The eye looks are by Heather Makeup Mouse and swatches by Face By Emily. It was created because of her bucketlist request to have a MAC collection. Unfortunately I am not MAC and we weren’t able to get it to her so that she could see it, but a portion of the sales goes to one of her favorite charities.

A year ago today the beauty community lost a small person with a huge heart. In her short time here, she managed to inspire so many people. She gave them hope in a world that has too little. She taught them the meaning of strength and to find joy in things that inspire us.

Talia created a legacy that lives on. One of love and faith. She showed everyone how much impact one person can have on so many. Today we remember and a life that deserves to be celebrated. Though she was gone far to soon, the legacy she left behind is timeless.

Change of Subject & New Updates

I’ve decided to take a little more personal tone with this blog and include more of my experiences with Dark Heart and updates more so than products and such.

I’ve recently tried to work two day jobs in addition to my work with Dark Heart and move into a new house. It was just way too much to handle. I quit one job, slowly started the process of unpacking and organizing our house, started working on my makeup artist certificate, and I start cosmetology classes around the end of August.

I’m very happy to say I’m finally structuring my life and goals around what I love. I’ve also been working on new things for Dark Heart and trying to get the brand back on the right track to be successful. I’ll be trying to keep this blog more updated as well. In the meantime, here’s some looks from our promoters; the Dark Heart Dolls (Disclaimer: we don’t send free product to our promoters. They recieve a store discount for their work with the brand).


From top left: Jacinthe (MissMakeup), Dreadfully Divine, Ashley (Randomly Me), Elena (Lenabug’s Makeup Land), Brittny (Brit’s Makeup), and Katja (Katja’s Makeup Fun).

Too Late For Love Deluxe Sample Giveaway


Win a deluxe sample set of the Too Late For Love collection. This collection is normally only available through Ebay’s Giving Works charity auction/buy it now listings. Enter here:

You can share the contest each day for more entries. Here is a swatch of the collection by the dolls:


My first order from and review of Dark Heart Designs

My first order from and review of Dark Heart Designs

via My first order from and review of Dark Heart Designs.

Dark Heart Designs Swatch Program



What I’m looking for:

I’m trying to collect swatches of all Dark Heart products on varying skin tones, types, and ages.

As of now, I’m only going to be accepting 1-2 people for each tone, type, and age group. That still leaves plenty of openings, but please don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it into the program. As the company grows, there will be more opportunities to work with Dark Heart.


Please only do one color per photograph so that each color can be grouped into a collage picture for their respective product listings.

There is no specific size or shape necessary for swatches, but please keep the size to a normal application area (ie. nothing over 2 inches in width or height), make sure the swatch is centered, and try to get the swatches the same size as much as possible.

I’m going to start swatching the shadows first. You will be sent 5 colors to
start with. When you complete those colors, more will be sent.

Rules of swatching:

  • The program is free, but you will only receive 5 samples to start with. That number will increase as you successfully finish more swatches.
  • You must complete your swatches in a timely manner to receive more.
  • Failure to complete swatches will result in your dismissal from the program, as well as being banned from any other programs, giveaways, contests, etc at Dark Heart.
  • Exceptions will be made in extreme cases, or you can reenter the program by purchasing the set of samples that you failed to finish at regular store price.

Copy the following to an email and send it to with the subject swatch program.


Email/Contact information:

Skin Type: (ie. Normal, oily, etc.)

Age group: (for swatch purposes and how the color appears on different people)

Using the linked photos as a guide, what is closest to your skintone? (scroll up or down to load more colors/skintones)

Please include a couple of photos of swatches that you have done. Photos should be good quality (not blurry or grainy), with decent lighting and color balance (no red/orange photos). Some photography tips can be found on our pinboard here:

Any other questions can be emailed to me and I will happily answer them. Thank you for your interest, and I hope to work with you all soon!

Jar Fundraising Sale

Once Upon A Time

40% off Jar Fundraiser Sale

In order to change jar styles to a much nicer design that I’ve picked out, I’m going to be having a 40% off sale in my shop to raise funds until we’ve reached that goal. I will willingly divulge the amount that I’m trying to reach, and how close we are to that goal to any sale customer that asks for it. The sale will go on until I’ve reached the goal amount, and am able to purchase the new jars. During the sale the shop may stop taking orders temporarily so that I can catch up to the ones that are being placed, but the sale will still be effective when it reopens.

Terms: The terms of the sale are as follows: order turn around time may increase, (currently the limit is 14 days) but *will not* exceed the time limit to file Paypal disputes. I don’t want anyone to feel insecure purchasing from my shop. I will do my best to keep you updated via email, the fan page, and twitter with my progress. In order to receive the discount, you must make a purchase of at least $10. The sale price is automatically reflected in your cart once you add that amount. As a heads up, I will be on vacation from the 20th-24th. You may still place your order during that time, and it will be filled as soon as I return. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. I will also happily add rainchecks back to the shop for this sale if you would like to take advantage of it, but can’t place an order at this time. Thank you all for your help and support ♥

5 Beauty Videos You Must Watch

1. Cosmetic Viking: Pixie Epoxy

If you’ve ever wonder what eye shadow primer, or Pixie Epoxy is, and how to apply it, just ask Brian of Cosmetic Viking! In his video, Brian explains a little about primers, how to use them, and what they do.

2. Enkore: Colorants 1 & 2

Have you ever wonder what your eye shadows are made of? Koren Zander of Enkore Make up explains different types of pigments, their uses, how they react to water (which has been a somewhat popular scandal with pigments and some make up companies), and other valuable information. It’s a recommended watch for anyone who buys indie make up

Part 1

part 2

3. Glitter Glossary: Clean Brushes

Keeping your tools clean is an important part of keeping bacteria out of your cosmetics. This video from Elle Fowler is a nice little example of how to clean your brushes. Especially good for beginners!

4. Expert Village: How to Apply Mineral Make Up

This is great beginner tutorial for anyone who hasn’t used mineral make up before. It has a nice demonstration of how to get the most from your mineral application.

5. Petrilude: How To Use Pigments

Josh or Petrilude has an excellent video on pigments, and all the fun things you can do with him. It’s a great video to learn a little more about your make up, and to get some fun, unusual idea. Definitely a must watch in my book.

I hope you all liked the videos! If you know any good ones you think everyone should watch, just add them to the comments.



Other Uses for Loose Eye Shadow Pigments


It was recently brought to my attention by April of Blacksburg Belle, that most people might not know that eye shadows can be used for more than just your eyes. Now, this is the important part: you need to be very certain that your eye shadows are approved for use on other areas of your face!

Our Dark Heart Designs eye shadows are approved for use on lips, eyes, face, and nails. Here’s a few simple ideas:

Lips: Mix your eye shadow with lip gloss or lipstick for a sparkly, shiny lip

Face: Shadows can be used as a different color blush, or to create fancy designs, like I’ve done here:

Nails: Add your shadows to clear or colored nail polish to make a new color, or change the shade of one you already have.

Here’s a few videos to help you get an idea on other uses for our shadows:

Petrilude’s video on how to use pigments:

One way to use pigments in nail polish:

I hope this post gives you some ideas on all the uses for our eye shadows. Please be aware that this post is only for Dark Heart Designs shadows. If you’re going to use another brand, please make sure that it is approved for the area you’ll be using it in. Thanks for reading everyone!



An Interview with Ashley Pahl of Indie Pretty Projects

An excerpt from Ashley’s blog page; About me:


My love for the handmade community has its roots in my childhood. My Grandma Peggy taught me at a young age how to work that construction paper with glue and cotton balls, while she was always working on a new sewing, embroidery, or baking project.

After years of painting, knitting, photography, screen printing, sculpting, sketching, and attempting to sew, I found my true love, paper, when I made my own wedding invitations.

I’ve been selling my own paper creations online since 2007, and began blogging shortly after. I discovered that people around the world are turning their passion into a career, and by simply making the conscious choice to buy handmade and share your finds, a whole industry can be kept afloat.

Indie Pretty Projects

The Interview:


Foundation: I used Bare Escentuals for a long time, but it became too pricey for my budget. Now I use tinted moisturizer, such as Neutrogena.
Blush: Benefit – Dandelion
Mascara: Dior DiorShow – I’m currently on the hunt to find a comparable drugstore brand
Eyeliner: Wet N Wild
Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish
Eyeshadow: M.A.C. – I like something with a little glitter.
Lipstick or Gloss: I don’t really have a favorite – I buy something new every time. Right now I am using tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bees.

Q: What was the inspiration behind Indie Pretty Projects?

A: Indie Pretty Projects started out as “Ashleybug Designs”, as a companion blog to my new business on Etsy in 2007. It used to be focused on my journey as a crafter and the business tips I was learning, but I realized I enjoyed writing about the work of others much more, and decided it was time for a name change.

Q: You mention on your site that your calling is paper crafting. Why did you decide on that particular for of crafting?

A: I’ve tried many different mediums, but it turns out I’m a pretty impatient person. For example, I tried knitting, painting, and sewing, but I would lose interested before finishing projects. I like paper crafting because the materials are easy to come by, and I can create something very fun before I lose interest and want to move on to another idea.

Q: What inspired you to try to decrease your reliance on mass manufactured products?

A: Studying geology and geography in college introduced me the concerns of the world – over-consumption, the affects of consumerism, the affect of certain ingredients on the environment, and the idea of peak oil and its affect on grocery prices in the future. My goal is to become a more self-reliant citizen, so that I can make environmentally friendly supplies myself, or know how to make certain foods if there are ever shortages, or prices become ridiculously high.

Q: What are you like the least about buying handmade?

A: A couple of times I have had quality issues with some items, but knowing that there is a real, single person behind the product, I know that everyone makes mistakes and I never like to leave bad feedback. I don’t like hurting the feelings of business owners! I know if I ever had a “complaint” it would be meant as constructive criticism, but I know how sensitive some shop owners can be. I don’t expect perfection, but sometimes when something doesn’t turn out how I thought it would be… I’ve been bummed on an occasion or two.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for consumers who are looking to buy handmade products?

A: When I started my business, I had JUST found out about Etsy, and no one I knew personally had ever heard of it. No one I knew was selling their own creations, either. I felt like I had to find my own way through the dark when starting my business, and the more I learned, the more I enjoyed it and couldn’t get enough. Any time I learn something new, or if there are tips that have helped me out, I have to share them. I feel like the handmade community is a team – we all need to help each other. The more successful one shop is, I feel the more successful the rest of us will ultimately be. I don’t feel like other shops like mine are competitors, they are colleagues. If they do a good job with their product and sell well, it will only encourage more people to shop handmade.

Q: How do you find time to run your own business, manage your site, and make time for your family?

A: It’s all about very careful time management. During the day when my girls are awake, that is their time with me. When they are napping, that is when I work on networking or on my blog, and at night when they are in bed, that’s when I work on my shop and fill orders. My business is my hobby – it’s what I do for fun, it doesn’t feel like work at all. My husband has his own hobbies, and when we feel we need to spend more time together, I’m pretty good at putting the crafts away and turning off the computer. I also get some time each weekend for myself to do what I need to get done.

Indie VS Commercial brands

Q: There are a lot of handmade or indie make up brands in the community now. Have you tried any of them?

A: Yes, I tried a shop that sold mineral makeup. I was pretty impressed with the concealer, but I had a hard time matching foundation to my face.

Q: Would you prefer to purchase indie or commercial brands, and why do you prefer one over the other?

A: I know I need to give indie makeup another chance. When I run low, I tend to just pickup makeup while I’m already at the store grocery shopping. It’s also hard to buy makeup online, because you can’t see the shade in person or test it; however, I do believe in the makeup shops on Etsy, because I’m more willing to trust an individual that I can talk to one-on-one, rather than a big company that is in it for the profits. Lip gloss is actually the next purchase I have planned on my indie shopping list.

Thank you to Ashley for taking the time to do an interview for us!