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Where’s my favorite Dark Heart product?!

Wondering where the rest of our product line is? Have no worry! They haven’t bit the big one. I’m just trying to make sure that plenty of stock is made so that orders can be filled in a timely manner. No one wants to wait around forever for something they’re excited for. Thanks for understanding while Dark Heart grows more efficient.


Here’s an update on what I’m doing, and what the story is on some of your favorite products:

Stocking Products:

  • Liquid Shines: Now stocking (In stock in 1 week)
  • Face Primer: This is next on my list to stock (In stock in 1-2 weeks)
  • Lip sticks: Order tubes & make stock
  • Lip Gloss: Reformulate gloss base & make stock
  • Mascaras: Need to make stock
  • Eye Light Gel Liners: Reformulate shades containing blue pigment & make stock
  • Themed Collections: Need to make stock

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New Releases:



Drag King Contest Voting

0 - Michelle Example

As part of the prizes for the Do It Like A Dude drag king contest, we’re also having a fan favorite. Please take a moment to view the entries, and choose the contestant that you liked the most. Thank you!

The entry photos are here:

You can vote using the following poll:

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Drag King Fan Favorite
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Gel Blush Update

As you may recall, I asked a few of you that received free Eyelixir samples to throw them away due a natural preservative I originally used in the formula. It has come to my attention that this preservative was also in the initial free samples of gel blush. While I would prefer not to use chemicals in my products, in some instances, such as any formulation containing water as an ingredient, a broad spectrum preservative is required. While the samples were free, I will happily replace them if you contact me, and I apologize that I wasn’t able to catch this before it became a problem. I’m going to hold new products for longer testing periods, and due to the nature of modifying formulas, I’m going to start using batch numbers on my products from now on so that it will be easier to pinpoint which products may be problematic. Thank you all, and if you share any status, please let it be this one. I would rather everyone know of my mistake and be safe, than attempt to cover it up to save face. Thank you for your continued support, and anyone who received a sample has my sincerest apologies, and a promise to replace/refund anything that is less than satisfactory and/or safe.

A note about Dark Heart Designs

First off, I want to thank everyone for their support. Especially Jeni, Jes, and Ame. The site and store wouldn’t look half as good without their help. I’m so happy that I’ve finally found something that I enjoy doing, and I have such wonderful friends. The next step will be just to get the company off it’s feet.

I’ve revamped to add in all the makeup projects I’ve taken on recently. I’ve also created a facebook fan page here: and an etsy shop here: So far, all I have on there are my eyeshadows. I just have to decide if I want to work on pressed shadows, blushes, or lip glosses next. I’ve got so many things I want to do, but until I start selling some things, I won’t have the funding to do so.

With that being said, I’d be more then happy to send people samples if they at least have the intention of buying something. However, much as I’d like too, I can’t send free full size products to people. I’m a college student, I have my own apartment, and I’m trying to support myself. I can’t afford to keep buying supplies out of my personal funds. If I’m going to make a business out of selling the products I create, they have to be able to pay for the next set of supplies.